An award winning drummer, Billy "The Pocket" Barner has performed internationally, nationally and regionally. His musical genre’s span all styles from Rock, Blues, Motown, Soul, Funk, Afro/Cuban and New Orleans Second Line to Jazz and Country. Billy has played in some of the most prestigious bands to emerge from the Pacific Northwest including:The Karen Lovely Band, The Mark Whitman Band, B.I.G., The Crossroads Band, The Blues Orbiters, Nicole Fournier & Her 3lb. Universe, Junkyard Jane, Blues Alliance, Jumbo Groove with Ron Gardner, The Sultans, The Centrix, The Toffs, 7th & Pacific, Capt. Flyswat & The Cat's Pajama Band, The Porcelain Tabernacle, The Collection, Hometown Blues Band, Muf, Peaceable Lane, Jonah's Whale, Oasis, Rapture, Johnny & the Marks, The Fabulous Cyclones,  Jerry Miller & Co., Color Blue,  Terry Lee Hardesty and The Eagle River Band, Tanglefoot, Loose Reins, Intruder, The Robin Barrett Band, The BBC Project, The Great Pretenders,  The Billy Shew Band,  In The House, The Cee Cee James Band, Roger Enders and Road To Ruin, The Tim Enders Band, Son Jack, Jr., The Tommy Wall Band, John Scooch Cugno and The Delta 88 Revival, The Galaxies, Little Bill & The Blue Notes, Little Bill Trio, Borrowed Time Blues Band, Crazy Texas Gypsies, Blues Redemption, King Kom Beaux and many many others. Consequently, Billy has met, performed with and/or opened for many nationally & internationally known performers including: RB Greaves, George Benson, Pablo Cruise, Spencer Davis Group, Eric Burden and the Animals, Maria Muldaur, Arthur Lee and Love, Charlie Musslewhite, Tinsley Ellis, Hubert Sumlin, TOTO, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, REO Speedwagon, Paul Revere and the Raiders, BTO, Rick Derringer, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Cascades, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Jr., Chris Cain, Danny Serifin & The California Transit Authority, John Mayall, Joey DeFrancesco, David Sanborn, among others.


Billy's nickname "In the Pocket" really says it all. I have had a very good fortune to play with Billy in several different bands. I am always pumped to walk into a gig and see Billy on the stage. Mr. Barner is a consummate musician, who's repertoire of rhythms is seemingly endless, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Ballads, Shuffles, Mambos, Sambas, 2nd Line, Blues, the list goes on and on.....AND he know at least 3 ways to play each one of them. Billy understands the term "rhythm section" to a 'T'. He is dynamic, spontaneous and solid as a rock. When Little Bill's longtime Drummer Tommy Morgan was injured this year we were so very lucky to have Billy Barner sub the rest of the year, wottah player!  -Billy Stapleton-

I've been in a band with Billy. He's a fine drummer and the backbone of any band fortunate enough to play with him.
-Brad Cyrier-

I'm a fellow musician and have played with Billy. It's important to me when I play music that everyone plays well and Billy does just that. Professional! I'm sure that's how he teaches as well.
-Roger Rogers-

Bill and I have been in various bands together over the past 4 decades. Bill is a consummate, professional percussionist with a perfect sense of meter. I have numerous studio recordings featuring Bill's drumming; tasty, solid, steady drumming which is always exactly what the songs require. As his stage name suggests, "in the pocket."
-Jim Adams-

I highly recommend Billy Barner for drum lessons!!! Billy and I go way back, but most recently hooked up performing together with THE GALAXiES -

Billy is a GREAT drummer, teacher and all around wonderful person to be around and work with!!!

Chuck Naubert
Founding member of THE GALAXiES

Bill was the drummer in my band, "The Great Pretenders", for eight years. He is a fabulous person and an excellent drummer. He can teach many musical styles of percussion. Even after he moved on from the band, he continues to be available to me if I need a sit-in for a night. Bill is a thrill; it's hard to keep him still. But then, he is a drummer! One would do well having Bill as an instructor of the sticks.
-Charlie Hollis-

Billy is one of the most respected drummers in the Northwest. I have enjoyed his performances and have hired Billy and his band in the past. He and his band(s) provide music that makes you sit back and rock with the rhythm or get up and dance like you are a teenager again.
 -Lance Lambert-

Bill has been a fantastic teacher as well as mentor to my nine year old son. My son has a cousin who has been taking drums much longer and is only a little better than my son. Bill and his wife Sharon welcome each family into their home with loving hearts. I especially like the fact that they are Christian. Actions speak louder than words. I could tell you a hundred and one reasons to enroll your drummer now, but I will merely state three. Affordability, Bill's kind heart and Passion to teach, and lastly I am sure you're kiddos will love drums!!!

I have had the pleasure of performing with Billy many times in the last 5 years. Billy has always been a great drummer to work with. He maintains a grove and locks in with the Bass, while always listening and giving that extra "push" to support to soloists.
-Jimmy Braunies-

Outstanding instructor! My son has been taking drum lessons and has learned so much. Bill makes it really fun to learn. Would highly recommend him!

I play music professionally with Mr. Barner. He is a consummate pro and highly sought after by fellow musicians in the Puget Sound area. He is also highly regarded as a good person, with an even temperament and amiability.
-Joe Hendershot-

Billy is a long-time experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable drummer. There are few drummer/musicians here in the Pacific Northwest who have been at their craft professionally as long as him. (I know that it's been over 50 years for Billy~!) I highly recommend Billy as a teacher and professional who specializes in a vast awareness of all types of drumming styles and the application of the individual instruments included in the drum kit to create those drumming styles in music. He has played professionally with every kind of band you can imagine. In addition to all I've mentioned above, you will never find a nicer, more pleasant guy to be around and work with than Billy Barner!
-Dan Moeler-

I've worked with Billy since the 1990's, on stages big and small. His drumming ability is above and beyond the norm, and his professionalism is respected by all who know him. He not only has the chops, he brings it with a passion and style that's hard to top.
Even better than all that is the fact that he's really a cool guy, and takes care to make sure your musical experience is enjoyable.
-Roger Williamson-

Billy and I played together for many years in several different bands. He is an excellent drummer, reliable, a hard worker, and always contributed something interesting to our music.
-Steve Cavenaugh-

I have been a working musician most of my life. I hired Billy recently to do some dates with me. He is an outstanding musician.
One of the best drummers I have worked with in my 54 years of playing. I plan on asking him to do more jobs with me in 2013.
-Bill Englehart-
Little Bill & The Bluenotes

I have known Billy Barner for many years as a musician and a friend. As the education director of the Washington Blues Society, I’m always interested in the teaching aspect of music. It isn’t a hard topic on which to get Billy going. He is the consummate musician and teacher, his ability is only outweighed by his enthusiasm. The method he employs is one on one and geared individually to the level of each student. He is excited to see the progress and the pride in his students. Most new students have learned enough to begin to play with a band after the first lesson. Of course the complicated aspects to drumming are a long way off from there, but Billy will get you there IF you practice and if you are willing to learn. If I wanted to learn to be a drummer, Billy would be my teacher; and I know a lot of drum teachers.
-Roy Brown-

I am a Band leader. I have my own Blues/swing band and have had Billy play drums on many occasions. He keeps great time and is always mindful of his volume. He is always very professional. He is one of the best drummers I have ever had in my band and a pleasure to work with. His patience makes him a great teacher.
-John “Scooch” Cugno-

An amazing drummer that tours with the band Blues Redemption. Having gone to his concerts I have seen his musical prowess and believe that this is the drums guy. Check Him out, you wont regret it.
Colorado rap artist/song writer